Using the Active C25k app, I began a free Couch-to-5k group about a year and a half ago.

The first name I came up with was “Champions 5k” and I never really liked it; it was the best I could do in a pinch and so that’s what it was.   The reason it never really fit for me is that my group was only going to be a group of Champions in the metaphorical sense; they were going to do something they never had never done before and accomplish a goal of completing a 5k – and that IS fantastic but,.. the group design was for beginners and while even metaphorical victories are hugely important, the word ‘Champion’ still seemed too lofty and too packed with top-three finishes, idealized victory, unattainable media-standards and “ideal” bodies.

As such, I could see it being too presumptive and possibly even intimidating to exactly the crowd I was targeting; those who didn’t think they could but just might try anyway.

So I changed the name to “Destination YOU!”

I believe that name is much closer to the mission I wanted this group to embody.   It puts the focus, the responsibility and the accountability squarely on each individual person. They are no longer competing with ideals or media-images, they are in it for themselves and they are their own destination; the best possible version of themselves they can be. There is no need to compare oneself to another person’s highlight reel when your focus is you.

In that sense, we can all be members of Destination YOU!


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