When I met with one of my future guest speakers for the Destination YOU! C25k program, she began talking about where she’s at, what her goals are, how she struggles and what she’s learning and doing to overcome her challenges.

She never asked what it was she should talk about.  It was obvious, she had a lot to say covering many topics.   She mentioned that someone she admires and looks up to confided that whenever she looked in a mirror, she saw flab and fat even though she worked her butt off and had, by the estimation of everyone around her, the perfect body.  She talked a bit about how she’s plateaued in her fitness and her weight loss – no matter how hard she works, the weight stays on and won’t budge.   She talked about how sometimes the body can get comfortable being where it’s at and settles into the groove of what  you’re doing – that you might be moving mountains but if that’s all you ever do, you’re body can make adjustments to find it’s ideal weight again and subvert all the hard work you’re doing.  You have to change it up.

You have to change something if you want something to change!

Last night, we had Sylvie speak to my little group.  It was really amazing.   She talked about having to start over and learning to walk again after being hit by a truck while out for a run.  The doctors told her she would never run again – they were actually not certain she was going to make it in those precarious first 24 hours.  She did make it, and she does run, with a big smile on her face and joy and love in her heart – she runs.   She’s incredibly passionate and wonderfully inspiring and motivational.    I can’t wait to have her back.

Next week is Emily.   My buddy-runner, Robot Leggs.  She joined us last night and really hit it off with Julie.   I loved seeing them run together and she too, is full of encouragement.  She’s a natural and I can’t wait to hear what she has to say about running.  She mentioned a few things she might speak on, and settled on a good one that you won’t want to miss.

Follow along by clicking the link at the beginning of this post and joining the Destination YOU! facebook group.   Most guest speakers will be filmed for those of you who can’t be there in person.   I think, over time, you will notice the common threads of all our thoughts; we runners, all.


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