My plans, they’re all too ambitious, and sharing them has the funny effect of hampering the execution of them.  I heard that once, somewhere; that if you go around talking about your plans all the time, it decreases your chances of actually accomplishing those plans and goals.  Why?  Because a small part of you feels that, in sharing it, you’ve already taken an important step toward your goal – and that little feeling slaps you on the back like you’ve done something substantial, throws you a party, makes a toast!   In reality, you’ve done nothing.

It’s kind of like when people tell you they are going to do something for you.   It doesn’t mean anything, believe me, I’ve learned.   They may have the best intentions in the world, but there’s a bit of wisdom you should learn pretty quick about even the good people in your life – and no, this isn’t directed at anyone specifically – You just can’t count on People.!

I told a professor once I was going to go into Environmental Science after I got through the remedial math courses just so I could bring myself up to speed on the actual math and science courses I would need – I never did any of it.   More recently, I called a professor and let him know over voicemail that I was going to take the Marketing Minor course over the summer of 2018, and yet here I am with my degree in hand – the bridge burned to ever going back to the UofA for a minor of any kind.

None of that stopped me from making this grand declaration of what my intentions were, but when the chips were in, I was out.   So, now, I’m not going to tell you ALL of my big plans though i have told you about some of them.

And I want to be clear here – it isn’t the telling of your intentions that sabotages your intentions.  It’s the failure in your life to bend your resources into realizing the reality of  your goals.  It is the substitution of declaration over action.  It is the failure to have a plan and act on that plan.

It is the failure to Act!



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