Great Community

Today I got to hang out with Tucson Trail runners (TTR).  The scheduled run was sabino basin but I was scheduled for 8; 4 in/4 out.  

But what I loved about today was seeing my long-time running buddy, Jenny out tackling the trails.  I loved seeing old friends either at the start or as we ran along the trail; so proud of everyone and happy to see them doing so well.  I got to see one of my customers from yesterday – I told him about TTR and invited him to come play with us and he actually showed up – had a good time. 

After it was done, we sat around chit-chatting, relaxing and catching up on carbs or fluids.  We found out that our very own Veronica (Ronnie) had won the women’s Mogollon 100 mile race and came in 4th overall.  A heartfelt cheer rose up at the news.   She’s such a cool person. 

They’re all cool people.  I get to hang out with the coolest crowd. 


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