Beyond the simple idea that sometimes, things I’m doing in my life aren’t leading me to the life I want live, and asking myself on any given situation and action, ‘How is that working out for you?’, I’ve begun to realize there are things out there that I can do and participate in that have simply never occurred to me.

This was exactly the case when a good friend of mine and running buddy sent me an email. She had snapped a photo of a flier in a Starbucks that was inviting the general public to get involved with supporting men and women in domestic-abuse situations.   An invitation to offer “Support and Safety for survivors of abuse”.

Now with any brand new thing, those things that I have never come close to considering, my mind threw up flags and chortled protest to the idea – dismissing it out of hand.  But there it was, waiting for an honest answer; ‘What will you do?’.   No, I’m not sure how I can help.  I’m not a rich man in either time or wealth.  I’m not degreed in psychology or law, or social issues.  But at risk of sounding flippant – why not?   I can at least be open.

Maybe I can help.  Maybe another door will open that I hadn’t considered and I can add to a positive life-experience for someone else.

And isn’t that the whole point of life, even the meaning of life, to help others?

I’m extending the invitation to you – why not?




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