Burned out. Bummed out. Peace out! (Part 2)

Since starting to blog daily, a personal goal that I’ve kept to except for one stupid day, (I have no idea why I missed that day) there have been lots of times where I wasn’t sure what I was going to say. While on a run, I’ll get all these cool subject-ideas that I could write about and then, as soon as I get home, I either can’t remember what they were or they just don’t sound so great anymore.  Sometimes, while I’m at work and someone says a word or phrase that stands out to me, or I hear something on YouTube, I think, “Oh! That would be fun to write about” and then when it’s time to start writing – I got nothin’!

That’s one problem I have.

I’m also terrified that.. o.k., maybe not terrified, but I really really don’t want to be regurgitating the same stuff over and over again.  That’s something I could see happening all too easily.

Finally, I don’t think I do a very good job of communicating exactly what I’m trying to say, all of the time.  I get in a hurry because it’s a little bit time-consuming, I don’t spend a ton of time self-editing or I go down rabbit-holes all over the place.  Take, for instance, Yesterday’s blog: Burned Out. Bummed Out. Peace Out!.   I was trying to say is that we have to keep pushing, even when we don’t feel like it and even when we aren’t getting the results we think we should be getting.   But beyond that, what I was really trying to say is We should keep pushing as though ‘results’ are not necessary to keep us going.

What I ended up saying is that we should grind and we should push and that the frequency of breaks and down-times will correlate to the frequency of success in our lives.  And that’s all true.   Little effort equals little reward, much effort equals much reward.  But are you willing to keep working toward something you want, and facing the obstacles as they come and find a way to move around or through them and still keep going, and when you get tired and have nothing to show for your work – are you STILL going to keep going?   If you somehow knew that you would never reach your goal, would you still work for it?


Maybe that’s a whole new can of worms – that last question – but the attitude behind it that says “YES! I will STILL continue working for an impossible goal” is the ultimate attitude of success.

There.. now I’ve said what I came here to say.



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