It’s also a perspective.

It doesn’t feel like success when we don’t meet our big goal or even our runner-up goal. When training and getting to those places where it just gets hard; we can’t lift anymore, we can run any further or faster, we can’t keep spinning, it is so easy to think we failed. Throw into that mix the comparisons we make with those around us and it’s no wonder we feel like big fat failures.

We’re not failures.

On top of comparing ourselves to others – which is a huge problem for almost everyone – we also screw up with our expectations.  In this world of ultra-convenience where almost everything is instant and what isn’t should be, we have a hard time settling in for the long haul and we fail to see the minute gains we make with constant effort.   Instead, we throw up our hands in frustration and we quit.   After applying a thick layer of justifications, we feel absolved of ever having to try again.

But success really is measured in inches, centimeters and millimeters.

When we go out for a workout and we aren’t able to complete the thing because it asks us to run twenty minutes straight for the first time in our lives – we go out and are only able to run fifteen minutes straight – why is it that we feel we have failed?  Especially if fifteen minutes is the most we’ve ever run in a single workout?!?

No no!  Success is a continuum and pushing the needle is all that counts.  Make progress – have success, quit working – have regret.


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