Learning what’s important and what’s holding you back

This Boston Qualifier is eating me up.  I have 74 days before I run the Tucson Marathon on Dec 10 and I’m still slow.  I don’t know how I’m going to drop down to a 7:40 pace over 26.2 miles, but I have to to do just that.  It is as thrilling as it is terrifying.

As I begin to hit some speed-bumps and challenges that are truly pushing my limits right to the edge, I begin to realize that other areas of my life might be affecting my performance and my training.  I need to go to bed earlier, I need to eat earlier, I need to stay off of electronics.. earlier.  It would help if I added and stuck with some consistent core workouts.  I need to be more aware of my eating and drinking habits.  I need to lose weight.

Each one of those changes and additional challenges become opportunities for me to increase my chances of having a successful race – each one of them is a chance to reaffirm my priorities to my training, my coach and myself.

When I stay up past 8 p.m. – I am placing my desire to be entertained by whatever is going on after 8 p.m. ABOVE my desire to get the rest I need to have a good solid training run the next day.

When I eat late – I am jeopardizing not only my sleep, but my digestion and nutrition for my next training run.  I’m putting my false-appetite ABOVE my appetite for success.

Each one of these things (and more) offer an opportunity to make the decision all over again – “What is really important to you here and how does this action reflect that commitment?”.

As we go about our lives, we begin to see all the little actions we take and choices we make against the back-drop of our big dreams and our over-all goals.  It has a refining effect. We begin to see what stuff we are made of.  We begin to see what our weaknesses are and where we need to work in our lives in order to make things happen.  We refine, we transform, we fail and we fail, chipping away at the walls that hold us back until, one day, we succeed.



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