Passive Action Pt 2

Some of us have figured it out.  When you constantly plan, read, learn, study, workflow, etc., you can take credit for ‘doing’ a lot of things.  You can say, “Man!  I was busy today!”. We even tell each other what plans we have for them, offers of things we might do for them, ideas that we want them involved with and it can leave us feeling like we’re good people; we just did that guy a solid.

No.  No we didn’t.  We didn’t do anything but make a promise.  We made a commitment without being committed.   You can’t exactly call it a lie either because as long as no specific date or time was set up to actually take  A C T I O N  on what we said, and as long as both parties are still alive, there will always be a conceivable chance it will happen.  As long as we are alive, who can accuse us of being dishonest if we just haven’t gotten around to executing the weight-loss plan, or the training plan, the vacation trip to Europe or the Career Track?

But it is a lie.

So we figure out a safe way around.  We hold up our continual planning as proof that it wasn’t a lie.  We make ourselves busy making declarations to ourselves and others and compounding those bold treatise with still more ‘will do’s’ and ‘can’t wait’s’.   The best way to bury the sting of ‘should have’s’ and ‘might have been’s’ is to keep churning out busy work that leads to nothing and nowhere.

“I’m going to do it this time for sure!”

You know – you could.  You could actually go do something right now.  Go walk or run. Ride your bike.  Throw out all the sugar in your pantry.  Send your resume – and I know you have a resume with all that Passive Action you’ve been doing – to that employer who you don’t think will hire you.  Write a letter.  Call a friend.  Call your mom.

Take the shot.


But telling yourself to take action isn’t enough.  You have to understand why you’ve been playing it safe and why you’ve actually avoided taking ‘real’ Massive Action up to this point.  I won’t pretend to know what’s going on in your life, and yes, anecdotal evidence is anecdotal, but I would guess your reasons are much like my own reasons for not pulling the trigger with finality.   Fear.   We’re afraid, we can’t do it.  We’re afraid of being rejected. We’re afraid that all the horrible thoughts we harbor about ourselves will be affirmed if we stick our neck out too far; someone will find out how stupid I am, or how socially awkward I am.  They might even find out that I have anxiety and fall apart under the slightest pressure; unable to perform simple tasks.  We’re afraid others will call us out for being pretenders when really, we have no business doing what we’re doing – who the hell do we think we are anyway?!   They might think I’m not a good person.

Passive Action allows us to sit back and feel accomplished without taking a risk.  And if I plan on going through life in order to arrive safely at death, I’m not really sure I will have lived at all.

There’s only one way out – you have to DO something.



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