Life happens.  It’s going to keep happening until the very end, and then, finally, a lifetime of imposition will be over.  

With the advantage of hindsight, I suspect most of us will see a life that was, for the most part, wasted.  We will see ourselves having been carried along in life’s currents and that will be the sum of it.  We sad victims of circumstance, the brunt of some particularly wry joke.  

But how can we avoid knowing too late what will be our sad fate?  How can we know now whether are lives are being squandered in avoiding the pesky reality that it won’t last forever?   

For starters, if we wake up each day doing what we did the day before, having no mind what it is we are doing and having no greater goal toward which we make progress each day – bored as we are and flitting about from buffer to buffer in escape; eating and entertaining, tickling our desire for some new distraction, some shiny thing or new thing, over and over, drinking and indulging in all manner of comforting nothings so that we don’t feel the painful and someday mourned days, hours and minutes that have passsed for nothing and for nought. 

No NO!  Get up and live!  Recognize the indulgences that seduce you from the full power of your being and go change the world.  

Do not be a victim of life’s little impositions – say YES! Emphatically to those requests life makes of you!  Do not run from them and reflexively dismiss but SEIZE them and seize them again.   BE terrified and jump anyway!  BE defeated but swing the mighty hammer once more!  BE broken and stand and face that which broke you.  Sacrifice your desires for the desires which are greater still!

Let life be something that didn’t just happen to you or something that was an inconvenient imposition; let it be, for all its power and soul-grinding mundanicity, a tool by which you made the world better and a monument to your human spirit. 

Don’t let life happen to you when YOU can happen to life!


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