The one you feed!

Yesterday, I wrote about what it means to me to take on the persona of your better self.  To mentally put yourself in that place where you are now, what you have been aspiring to be. Think like a fit person, like a confident person, successful person, and so on.

It reminds me of the Cherokee proverb:

The Story of Two Wolves

The Story of Two Wolves

This story applies to being the kind of person you desperately want to be – you get there by incrementally starving the negativity in your life and choking it out, while at the same time, feeding and encouraging the positive areas of your life.  The negatives don’t even have to be lies – they can actually be true things about yourself that, while true, only serve to beat you down and reaffirm the negative stories you tell yourself, about yourself.

Imagine that you have this internal narrative that says “I can’t control myself when I’m around candy!”.   Whenever you get around candy, it’s this big deal that no one around you knows about but here you are freaking out on the inside thinking about candy and this big problem you have with candy – that you can’t go one minute without delicious candy.. oh candy!  It’s all you can think about.  You have allowed this narrative to dominate your thoughts and when you inevitably have a piece of candy, the whole structure collapses, you have another and another until finally, you retreat into being a smaller weaker version of yourself.

You knew it all along – you have no control when you’re around candy!  #justthefacts”

By thinking about it and obsessing over it, even being aware of this problem, you create an even bigger problem and you feed the wolf until it devours you.   But here’s the thing..

You don’t have to think about it.  You control your thoughts.  You get to dismiss those negative internal dialogues – true or false – and point the focus of your minds focus elsewhere.  Maybe even somewhere positive.

What other negative thoughts are you feeding?  Things you have taken for granted and have allowed  yourself to be completely dominated by?   Did you know that giving little tid-bits of control over to these little innocuous thoughts will lead to even more control lost and bigger thought-problems down the road?   Even big problems have small roots.

Stay positive – beg, borrow, steal and even lie but don’t give up your light for any reason.


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