Today’s run, and to be perfectly honest, the last few runs, have been difficult.  Challenging in a very deep and personal way

– “If this keeps up, I’m never going to qualify for Boston”!

– “This is hard and it’s not even half of the distance I need to run – it’s not even close the pace I need to run either”

– “I’m too old for this”

– “I’m too fat”

The negativity is hard to deal with.

I still haven’t failed though – which is good.  Not to say that I’m hitting all of my paces and reaching all of my goals.  I’m not nailing my workouts like I would prefer to and sometimes the wheels come off completely.   BUT.. I’m still out there doing it.  I can honestly say I’m doing my best.  I’m no slouch.  So, I haven’t failed at all – I’m learning and I’m pushing back against the mental boundaries that keep trying to hem me in. Someday, those boundaries will be old nostalgic markers that I will look back on with a fond sigh.


Today was not that day.  Today, I’m in the trenches and it hurts and I don’t like it much – but I haven’t failed if, as my friend Brian recently said – “You haven’t failed if you don’t give up forever!”.

Let’s not give up, together.

Let’s not give up, forever.

Let’s not give up.

Don’t ever give up

on yourself.


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