It doesn’t have to be “Go Hard, or Go Home!” ALL the time.

You see!  Running – that perfect metaphor for everything – is a persistent struggle to find equilibrium not just in life-work balance or burning calories and eating calories, but in being your own disciplinarian and being your own best friend.


This past weekend at the Great Pumpkin 5k at Buckelew Farms I met a new runner named Tim.  We talked for a bit and really enjoyed getting to know each other when, in the course of conversation, he said that he liked the aspect of running where you get to make all the rules.   You get to decide if you’re going to push really hard. You get to decide if you’re going to take it easy.  You actually get to decide whether you follow your plan or take a day off.   No one will throw a flag if you stop to tie your shoe or stretch your calves or anything.   You won’t be sent to the penalty box for failing to negative split.

It’s ALL you.

Even finding that perfect balance between recreation and competition is a personal decision.  Some of us live closer to the disciplinarian side of things but few if any operate in that mind set all of the time – that would be unhealthy.  Likewise, some of us only touch on the disciplinarian from time to time; we would see diminishing returns over the long term by cracking a whip constantly.

And the only one that can tell you which type of person you are, is you.   Just remember, finding your own sweet spot is going to be a constant assessment and adjustment life-style and, most important, YOU make the rules.


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