Waiting and Waiting and Waiting..

Being inspired to do something seems to take a lot, sometimes.

The bigger that something is, the bigger the inspiration will be needed. As a matter of fact, if we don’t do something that we said we wanted to do or if we start and don’t finish, getting bored or losing the motivation/inspiration to keep at it is usually what we blame first.   Sometimes, we even fantasize about some horrible thing happening to us that will give us the excuse we need to be the “Good Story” of flab-to-fitness whether it be a divorce, the death of a loved one, a car accident or serious injury.   There’s something wildly exotic about pretending that a big life-changing event is necessary because we don’t have it within us to make the changes and be the type of person we want to be – the truth is, we do have it within ourselves.  We see someone else go through something really difficult and somehow they get it together and come out the other side and it strikes a chord within us as if, ‘that’s the path to greatness!’.

And don’t get me wrong here.   Adversity does bring out amazing things we never knew we could do.  Sometimes, getting that kick in the face helps us realize that we can get beat up and beat down and survive it – we can come out the other side and be survivors.  Just knowing that, experientially, bleeds over into other areas of our lives and we begin testing waters we never considered before.  Maybe we attempt things we never attempted before and we fail or succeed – but it no longer matters because we come out the other side alive, and we learn.

Like this Young Lady

But the problem with this cancerous idea is that waiting for something, or waiting for some life-changing event, is the only thing that will motivate you or lead to a dream-life you never thought was possible.   That’s patently false.  You buy into this kind of thinking and you end up timidly and patiently waiting day after day, week after long week, year after year for death, having never done anything to improve your outlook or your interaction with life and with the world.


I see people pretty often on the /r/running or /r/getmotivated subreddits complain that they just aren’t motivated to do this or that.   ‘They lost their desire to run’ or ‘they just don’t see any point in it anymore’.  But this is wrong thinking.  They’re going about it all wrong.  These guys are waiting for something to happen to keep them motivated all the time and guess what?  Sometimes they won’t be motivated to do something and that’s when your ‘parent-self’ needs to step in and make you do it anyway.


Quit waiting.  Quit making excuses.   When you’re willing to take the steps that will lead to your goals, or at least, lead to the other steps that lead to your goals, and do this day-in, day-out, when you don’t have motivation, when you don’t have a life-threatening illness, when you don’t have some fantastically romantic event in your life, when you don’t have a horrible life-changing event or circumstance happen to you, when it’s raining, when you screw up and go off-plan, when you actually DO have something that happens in your life that makes things more challenging, when other people laugh at you and put you down, when you feel silly or stupid, when it’s boring, when it hurts – when you are willing to get in there and do the mundane work whether you ‘feel like it’ or not – .when you’re willing to throw yourself into the teeth of failure again and again..


You’ll figure something out, and you’ll reach your goals.

And if you don’t reach your goals, you won’t even use THAT – as an excuse to quit trying.

You won’t be someone that sits around waiting for life to happen to them.  You won’t be someone sitting around waiting for your ‘prince-charming’ or ‘fairy-tale princess’.  You won’t be waiting for a “Good Story” because you will make your own Good Story.


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