Productivity and the three “P’s”

I’ve shared the three “P’s” before, I think; Plan, People and Purpose.  Every time I’ve used it, I’ve been talking about running.  To stay motivated and follow through on a running goal, having a Plan is absolutely necessary.  Having People holding you accountable and cheering you on is a must.  And it can only help to commit to a race, giving yourself Purpose!

Every now and then I have a little epiphany and today it happened.  It occurred to me that the three “P’s” can be used for anything.  

If I want to be a personal trainer, once I receive my NASM guide book, I need to write up a study plan that I will stick to.  I can bounce questions and discuss the material with my doctor friends (people) – they geek out on anatomy – and I can sign up to take the exam (purpose). 

Have a big goal?  See how YOU can apply the three “P’s” in your life to increase your chances of success and bolster your productivity!


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