Most likely, I will spend my life wondering and experimenting with different ways to motivate people to do what they told me they wanted to do.   

Charging a fee might have the desired effect with people who have a proclivity for getting the most ‘Bang for their Buck!’, but other people might join and pay out of whimsy, caring less for value than comfort and ease, when the going gets tough.  

Some people respond really well to persistent positive motivation, constantly main-lining a heart-felt meme, a well-shot story with music that builds to a resounding crescendo at some key point in the narrative, or a hero-worshipping podcast where a loser like us talks about how they became rich and well-muscled, how they overcame incredible adversity, and how they never quit until they were successful.   

Believe me!  I know!  I am definitely one of those people.   I consume motivational crap like it’s crack.  Makes me feel like I’m actually doing something sometimes. 

There’s a good bit of the “Angry Motivator” in me, as well.   Sometimes I pretend that IF only I had someone to take the reigns and feed me right and make me do the exercises – a drill seargent who won’t put up with my bullshit’.  They would call me “maggot” and “shithead” and meaner things that would destroy me – and then, somehow, I would toughen up and have discipline drilled into me until my dying day.  I would wake up each day and bounce a coin off my freshly-made bed. The kind of motivator that calls you out and doesn’t pull any punches and makes social justice warriors wince; maybe even rightfully so – ‘deal with it!’.   

“You didn’t get what you wanted because you didn’t want it more than you wanted something easier!” …”maggot!”

The biggest motivator is watching someone else get after it.  Maybe that falls under memes and stories and podcasts, but real-life action can really kick things in gear.  Especially when it’s someone close to you.   And by the way, I’ve said this before, but this last one is a two-way street; you want to motivate someone else, BE the change you want to see in the world and in each other.  THAT’S how you bring someone around.  

What are some other categorical-motivational types?

What strengths and weaknesses do you see in any of them?

Is motivation necessary?


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