For me it was heart-rate training.  The zone I was supposed to be working in was so easy that if I ran, I would shoot right out of it and have to slow down.   That was frustrating – I wanted to get a workout, not go for a walk!

I suspect the same thing happened with my C25k group.  I suspect that around 14 people showed up that first day and thought,” this is great! I’m going to sweat and it’s going to be challenging but fun and my muscles will be sore tomorrow..!”   Then, we worked out and it was SUPER easy – Week 1, Day 1. 

People literally stopped coming after that first workout.  It was too easy.  They couldn’t take the long-view; ‘it may be easy now but it is laying the foundation for something much harder, later.’

People suck!  (Me included)

We’re so impatient, we quit when something seems too easy.  We’re such whimps, we quit when it’s too hard.   If it’s just right, we quit for some other stupid reason.  We consistently sabotage ourselves and our hearts desire because an easy excuse presents itself.  We don’t blame ourselves because the instructor could have been better, or certified or hotter.  

We literally grab any excuse to play the victim and we quit.. why?  

Because this is too easy!


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