It’s fun hanging around people with big ideas and too many ideas, and they pop and snap from moment to moment, described with wild-eyed passion and no one could possibly follow through with them, and they can’t all be executed in any reasonably acceptable way.   One hopes and one tries and one moves on.  The greatest crime of sentience is that there isn’t enough time to do everything.. and sleeping is a crime.

But still, it’s so irresistible to be surrounded by those whose minds reel off thing after thing and idea after idea, even though you are fully aware you won’t get to it all or even most of it.  It is so compelling to strive for the dynamo.

And you look with regret at those things you would have to give up and say “Goodbye” to, wistfully and with heavy hearts, you wonder more about what life would be like without those things than what life might be like – that complete paradigm shift – with those new components and that new ‘style’ which is called, ‘life-style’.

You sigh.

Those you see and hear, and those who cause your mind to simmer in your boundless possibilities, they will have to wait because you refused to let go of those things that are holding you back.


And you become really good at hanging out with people with big ideas and smiling and laughing at all the right times, on cue, without ever really letting them in and without ever really adding anything to the conversation.

You are the drag – pulling them down when they could be pulling you up.


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