My Motivational Uncle

My uncle Mitch and I – we go back and forth on Facebook Messenger pumping each other up.  Around the same time that I changed my life, lost the weight, quit the habit and started to workout, he and my aunt were planning out their Pacific Coast Highway bike trek.   They blogged about it and it was awesome.

They met a guy named Mike Viti who was hiking across the United States of America to honor all the soldiers who were killed in action while fighting the global war on terror.  They met two young women who were rolling-blading the same highway they were cycling.  They met others who they have stayed in contact with and continued to adventure with.   They met extraordinary people.

So Mitch and me – we get to talking shop and it’s on.

I love that guy.

Just the thought of him makes me want to go kick some serious ass with a run, a workout, lifting, whatever – thinking of him makes everything possible.

In our latest exchange, I wrote about my reservations with my Boston-Qualifying Marathon training and just check out what he wrote:

I can’t imagine how tough it must be. Try not to be too hard on yourself though. You’re doing awesome. When you run…..try to remember why you run. To feel good…to relax…to be in the shape of your life. Try not to think too much about the time. Maybe…..just maybe….the time will come. Love ya either way. Period.

Thanks Mitch.  I’ll bust my ass and think about what you wrote here.  I’ll have it written down and folded up, stuck into my sock or something like a lucky charm or talisman.  I’ll remember, when I run, to feel good.. to relax.. I’ll just run.



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