This thought has been banging around in my mind for a while now; consistent effort.  It’s something I’ve got locked down when it come to my runs and I’m proud of that.  I run when I’m supposed to run and I don’t ‘miss’ days, though I might fudge the times here and there.  But when it comes

To foam-rolling, yoga, planks, push-ups and weight lifting, I’m all over the place and almost nowhere at the same time.  

Thing is, I need these workouts.  After dislocating both shoulders years ago, they get really sore on long runs.  Push-ups and weights help for sure, if I would just stay consistent.  My ham-strings, calves and quads – and IT band – might thank me for foam-rolling, but do I do it? No, less than 1/week, anyway.   And everyone knows that a strong pelvis, strong hips, lower back, and general core fitness is just SO FREAKING GOOD for runners but, nope, nope, nope.  

All of those things, done in tiny pieces every ‘now and then’ are essentially useless.  A pressure-relief valve for guilt but not much else.   Huge changes sometimes seem to happen suddenly in a flash, when really, they have been building incrementally for years. 

A recent Freakanomics podcast does a great job of pointing this out; if you want mind-blowingly tremendous results, you have to do mundane, little things every day, consistently. 

I’m cutting breads and grains in general.  Working on cutting back on sweeteners,  but now, it’s time to schedule daily workouts.  Time to start building streaks of planks and lifting and rolling and stretching.   

Thanks to my friend S_ for creating a Facebook group dedicating 30 minutes of exercise every day in November.  Great motivation!

Accountability.  Consistency.  Results. Let’s go!


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