It occurs to me..

Do new things, think new thoughts.

Five years ago, it never would have crossed my mind that I would be training for a Boston Marathon qualifying time.  My life then was filled with daily trips to Jack in the Box, a pack a day of American Spirit cigarettes and lots of raiding in World of Warcraft.

However, fairly early in my running, I came up with my three goals, and there it was – my “Super Bowl” goal – to qualify and run the Boston Marathon.

When I made a life-change, the things that ‘occurred’ to me changed as well.

I never thought about it before, because that’s not where I was.   It’s a strong lesson and really exciting, if you think about it.   Imagine!  You don’t know how many fulfilling things will just occur to you, seemingly out of the blue, until you put yourself in that sphere and experience it.  Until I put myself on the path to fitness through running, nothing about achieving such an audacious goal would ever find purchase in my soul.

If you overlap your life into fitness in general, it might occur to you that you could use your fitness to motivate and inspire others in some previously unknown meaningful way.   As you think about nutrition, you might come up with the idea of writing your own cookbook, or blog your daily meals.  You could end up inventing your own line of nutritional bars to fill some previously unknown niche.  Maybe you’ll invent a multi-purpose pack once you realize the one you have doesn’t have a feature you would find really useful – and it doesn’t even exist yet.

But it all starts with putting yourself out there, somewhere, anywhere.. into some previously unappealing endeavor or new activity.   Overcoming fears and discomforts to tackle something to help you reach your new goals can lead to doors you didn’t know existed.

And here’s the thing – the more audacious the goal, the better the odds that you will find something truly amazing about yourself and your capacity for thinking bigger and better.


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