History repeats itself

There are movements to stop the Muslim registry, which has been proposed by Donny Tiny-hands.  There are movements to make women’s voices heard in what threatens to be a new age of misogyny.  And, there are countless other fights, using the rallying cry that we must not go backwards – “history must not repeat itself”.

But what of our individual history?  Would we take so strong a stand against our own well-worn and comfortable habits? Will we continue to allow ourselves the short-term pleasure that we crave and long for at the end of a long, hard day, at the cost of vested and abiding pain, defeat, and surrender?

Are we to be the kinds of people that are as consistent in our own personal lives as we are in are in our society as a whole?  In private as we are in public? Will we ever and always allow our negative and unhealthy personal histories to dominate our lives, as we pretend to push back in the world around us?

That is not a consistent position.

Change your history and then you will know the price of changing history.

Your history in your weight loss challenges, your fitness challenges and your life/professional/relational challenges will keep repeating until you do something about it.  Stop allowing THAT history to keep repeating itself.  


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