Quick to dismiss.

It’s really hard to find our the truth of a matter when you start searching around the internet or talking to your friends.  What diet is going to be most effective?  What are the ‘best’ shoes?  Should I take up bare-foot running?  What’s the cure for Plantar Fasciitis? For each of these and more, there are countless suggestions and loudly prescribed solutions.  Often, there are opposing or mutually exclusive solutions where both can’t possibly be right; ex. ‘wear a rigid insole!’ vs. ‘wear a soft, flexible insole!’.

So get mired down and stuck, frustrated and fed up and naturally, we give up.

But there is an answer to all this, or at least an approximate answer that will improve a persons situation.  I believe that.  So how do you find the ‘truth’ in these situations?

You experiment.

Now that might mean spending money you don’t have, or considering things you didn’t consider before but those hurdles can be overcome while you make progress in, at least, eliminating potential solutions.   It also might mean reordering your priorities so that you are willing to invest in a given solution or an adopted life-style change.

We can justify almost anything, if we want to.

I had my own bias against the five-finger shoes.   I didn’t exactly look down my nose at those who used them, preached them and lived them; and believe me, there are some ‘true believers’ out there.   But just because they believed strongly in something like the benefits of bare-foot running, does not automatically make them wrong.  It’s no reason to dismiss them, self-righteously or otherwise.  Sure, it doesn’t make them right either, but it just might have worked for them and who am I to argue?   To go a step further, maybe I should be willing to consider trying them before dismissing them out of hand.

Maybe if we weren’t so concerned about being so smart, we wouldn’t be so quick to being so dismissive.  Play around with the theories and ideas out there, experiment and hold tight to a rational process of elimination.  Start with the free or low-cost solutions first and work your way up, if you like.  Think outside of the box you’ve been in and escape the myopia of the world that brings you maximal comfort as you look for real solutions to real problems, truth and relief.

You just might surprise yourself.


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