Every single dog that barks!

So, disclaimer.  I’m not into animal cruelty at all.  I love dogs.  This is just an analogy, and, as anyone knows, analogies are never perfect.

Have you ever heard the following phrase?

Don’t throw stones at every dog that barks!

Of course, you should never throw rocks at dogs.  They’re usually just trying to protect their territory or they’re just as scared as you are, so they bark and fuss and carry on.  But the phrase has nothing to do with animal cruelty or normalizing the act of throwing rocks at dogs.  This phrase is about something else entirely – and as it may be a holdover from an era where throwing rocks at dogs was somehow acceptable, I still think with the proper caveats, we can still learn from it.

Talking to my aunt Charlotte about all my plans, with the group, with training, with everything – I mentioned that I was working on getting certified in Personal Training through the NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).   She didn’t hesitate to say, ‘do you really need that or are you just throwing an obstacle in front of yourself for no reason at all?’.  I mean, she was basically asking if I really needed to stop and throw rocks at that dog?

Along this same line, I ran across a video or motivational meme recently that indicated that if you keep waiting until you’re ready, you’ll never start!  That’s pretty amazing.  It went on to say, start before you’re ready.

Devin Loetscher (‘lurcher’) once told our group – “If it doesn’t scare the hell out of you, it isn’t worth doing!”

So, you can’t just go on leading your OWN beginner 5k group.. aaaaand queue the excuses;

  • you haven’t even run a 5k
  • you’ve never taught anyone anything (false, btw)
  • you aren’t certified to coach
  • you don’t have time for this
  • no one will listen to you, like you, love you.
  • no one will take you seriously

Those are all dogs barking in one particular field – leading and coaching a 5k group.  But what about life?  What about all the other things you sell yourself short on?   What if those are just dogs that are barking and..

..you should just do it, anyway?


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