Who do you think you are?

Tell me.  Why can’t YOU do this or that.  What is the big goal, the impossible goal YOU have set for yourself?  Is it Boston?  Is it one mile?  Do you think it’s impossible for YOU to run a mile in under six minutes?   Seven minutes?   EIGHT?   Why are you so unspectacular? When the question hangs in the balance, will you always say “NO!”.   You will always say no, but you’re only saying it to yourself.

Who are YOU to think you could achieve these goals you never even considered?   Other people scoffed at you and you scoffed right along with them.   You sided with your critics.. against yourself.  You keep doing that.   Why should anyone stand up for you when you won’t stand up for yourself?


Is that what you want?   To stay where you are?  Mediocre?  Playing the “At least…” game? I’m on to you!   You say, “At least I can be kind despite my obvious disability, or I can cover up my weaknesses by working harder than anyone all the time,.. I can hide this by doing that!” as if it is all somehow mutually exclusive to you being successful in goals you never dreamed of having.  “I’m not good with numbers and I’m not witty and I get nervous when people are talking to me and things get awkward.. but at least I can be kind to everyone I meet!”.     

Why can’t you be all the good things?

So, we begin to dream of being the kind of person who doesn’t apologize for their weaknesses and who stops trying to settle their weaknesses with their strengths in some kind of life-balance sheet.   But we’re still not free because we think, “Who do you think you are?”.  We level this age-old accusation that “YOU are NOT worthy!” or “You really don’t actually think you can do this, do you?  HA!”.

But you are worthy.   We are not afraid that we are inadequate.  We are afraid that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness, that most frightens us” ~Marianne Williamson    Read the entire thing.  Meditate on it.  Stay on each phrase.  Stay.

And I have to say, if those thoughts aren’t occurring to you, you are nowhere near your boundaries.  You are playing it safe.  You have not pushed yourself or dreamed big enough to scare the shit out of yourself.

You are capable of so much more.



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