Heroes are..

Yesterday, I wrote a blog featuring Casey Neistat’s video about being a “Sellout”, and, in that video, he had an amazing quote that you have to see, “‘Sellout’ is a term invented by jealous quitters!”.   Still blows me away.

What are Jealous Quitters?

The poem by Marianne Williamson, “Our Deepest Fear” has this great line that goes, “there is nothing enlightened by shrinking so that others people won’t feel insecure around you”, and I think this really nails it.   It isn’t just that we are afraid that others will feel insecure around us, the fact is, other people WILL feel insecure around you if you are unafraid.   They will.  This is saying, in a fashion, that other people want you to fail to justify their own failures.   We both love and hate heroes because they have done something we won’t allow ourselves to do, they have done things we won’t admit can be done, and they strip us of our excuses for why we haven’t dont those things.

That’s why we call them “Heroes” – because we think that being a hero means that you are somehow different than the rest of ‘us’ and,  whatever that special something is, it allows YOU to do these amazing things in your life, but also allows US to keep making excuses.   We’re off the hook.  If we thought of you as a normal regular person that did these amazing things – we would have no excuse to stop trying.

I’m here to tell you, heroes are just normal people who decided, for whatever reason, to quit making excueses, quit procrastinating, and who quit trying to escape (alchohol, sex, drugs, exercise, eating, gaming, etc.) life, so they could focus single-mindedly on what it is they want, and how they intend to get there.

And one more thing, heroes seem to attract heroes, and heroic people do heroic things.


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