Unrealistic expectation

Pauly was apologetic about missing workouts.  It struck me as being defensive on a subject I had no clue of – I certainly wasn’t judging him in any negative way because I look up to the dude.   He just kind of said it and we all knew this was how he was feeling about things.   You could almost hear his inner voice accusing him – “You don’t workout enough!” or “You’re taking it too easy and not being committed!”.   But now that I think about it, it was ME who created the context when he asked me how the workout went today.

I told him that you get out of it what you put into it and that I could have pushed a little harder – I even said, “I’m a little disappointed in myself”.

Later in the morning, I was chatting with Jenny after sending her a 10-mile double-hill route I had just created – for funsies – in MapMyRun.   She asked if we were going to run it and I laughed, ‘No way’.

“It’s scary for sure.  It’s been humbling and mentally challenging to try and get back to running again – I’m up for that challenge, but it is what it is 😦 “

She came back with a response that shook me, blew me away, got me choked up and smiling at the same time:

“You just need patience.  I remember after I got hurt and my 6 months no running sentance came to an end.  I went to run 3 miles and it SUCKED.  I couldn’t do it without walking….I was so bummed bc I had been working out and cross training.  I thought I’d be in decent running shape.  -my friend and PCP at the time looked me in the eyes and said- “Jenny, your expectations are completely unreasonable and you need to reset them.”

“Blunt and right on point”

It was exactly what I needed to hear.   It would be fair to say that my book-knowledge and my thinking-expectations would have lined up with this, but we all have these emotional-expectations that start with, ‘we should be able to..’ and, ‘you were able to do this easily before!  What’s your problem?’.   But we can’t just spit out the company line about taking time off or building back up gradually from where we are right now – not where we used to be or want to be.

For that, you have to reset that emotional-expectation and fall in love with the process all over again.


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