Embrace yourself

What an amazing adventure you are.

Have you any idea that your story, your narrative, is the most interesting story?   There is nothing lacking in it.   The hardships would shock most of us and perhaps you are right to hide them from first sight.   We know they are there, we need not know more.  We accept you still as our storyteller, our guide and we, your confidant.

You are a world of experiences and knowledge.   Hints and leanings, hues and reflections.  You are an unmapped surface full of mystery and belonging.   It is written on the still waters of your soul and the kind lines of your eyes.  How could you compare yourself unworthy, unkind and unremarkable when you are so clearly extraordinary beyond measure?

Those that do not love you, do not know you – it’s true – nor do they need know for you to love them in return – because you know  yourself and so, you know the flowering possibility in the strangers cruel stare.   You know the forgiveness and acceptance because you have forgiven and you have accepted – fully.   You.. oh YOU!  You have realized that infinite joy lay within the grasp of your conscious will to be joyful and to bear those joyful things that push you into that light, pulling you from your darkness. That YOU are a spiritual being having a human experience – a soulful spirit above all, immersed in the shroud of humanity.

And so are you.. and You.. and YOU!


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