Every single time

We sat around the table throwing ideas out in rapid-fire succession.   Some stuck, some missed wildly and were completely ignored, zinging off into the forgetting, quickly and unnoticed.

The topic this time was business cards, kind of.   Cards we could just hand to someone that had the most relevent information, simply put, with a call to action.  Something catchy, easy and fast.   It was a vague idea for me for a long time, but here they were presenting it with gusto, taking it all on themselves from concept to cards – it was pretty awesome to see.

We fleshed out some ideas, I talked about what my expectations were, they blended those up and spit out their own takes – we had a plan, a concept that could be set free, and, maybe needing a nod from me, they were off.   It only occured to me later that while they were looking at me for my ideas and ‘go-aheads’ and approvals and blessings – did they realize they themselves were practicing the skills they would need to run things themselves?   Did they know that they were taking a crash course in running a business? Even more important (to me) – did I know that this interaction was practice for future business meetings with agendas, actionable plans and open-mindedness to ideas that might otherwise be dismissed out of hand?

Did we know that every interaction, every single time, was an opportunity to build something, create something, help someone, or otherwise have a positive impact somehow?

I like to think they knew it.   I like to think that I knew it too.


One thought on “Every single time

  1. This is so true. People ask why I’m always trying to run faster or farther – why am I always chasing something. I tell them that the thrill of not knowing whether I can do something is what keeps me in the sport. I don’t set a goal I know I can accomplish. I purposefully set goals I’m not sure I can accomplish, because once I’ve successfully done something, the thrill of not knowing is gone. I’m sick and twisted, I know :). Get back out there, Geoff!

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