All in with me

Man!  I love my team.   It’s more than just a banal cliché when I say that my team has my back, they call me on my bullshit, and they respect me.   My coach and my team.   If they aren’t calling me out, I get a little nervous.

And here’s how “All In” they are with me – when I go somewhere and do something, I’m not just representing myself anymore.   I carry their reputations with me.   When people look at me at a 5k, any kind of competition, when I go to the bank or my job, meetings, my family – whatever it is, I represent my associations; my team.   That’s how much trust they put in me.   They know that I won’t let them down – my all, every time, all the time. 100% of me, driven to succeed, never failing/always learning.

And my team is behind me all the way.

My coach set the bar and I want to beat that fucker and I respect him because he’s made it fucking hard to beat.   He knows we’re all nipping at his heels, ready to show him up, call him on his bullshit too – so he steps up his game even more and drops us like a bad habit.   I love that about him – he’s just as accountable as the rest of us.

I have lots of teams.  My family is my team and they expect me to represent them with courage and honor, love and kindness, support no matter what.   They’re there for me and they have my back.   They call me on my bullshit and make me better and want to be better.   My running friends are my team.   They push me from behind, they pull me from the front, they run right next to me – sometimes pushing the pace or letting me set the tone – and we move as a unit.   We don’t make excuses, we focus and we discipline and we run.   My co-workers are my team.  When I’m at work, I want my employer to look golden because of me.   When I’m helping customers, I want to inspire confidence in them by the confidence I have in my training and the support of my co-workers.   When someone walks through our front door, I want them to know that I have their best interest at heart, that I’m willing to listen to them, and put away my pride and ego at how much I know, because that’s what our team does.

They are ALL in with me.  My family, my team, my friends – they all have some stake in my success or failure and they won’t just murmer and walk away when I come up short; they’ll call me on that shit and hold me to a higher standard.   They won’t leave me when I stumble, they will double-down because they know – I got their back too!


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