On Being Ready: Next Level

I wrote about being ready two days ago and it felt good –  I sometimes like what I write and I thought that was a good one.   This idea of being SO ready that the action is anticipated and wound up like a spring just waiting for the trigger to set it in motion.

It keeps going like that too.   Question: Can you be suprised if you’re ready?   That’s kind of hard to think about because they seem to be mutually exclusive, don’t they?   If you’re ready, then you have anticipated something and prepared for it, but you can still anticipate something and be wrong about what it is.   Something could come out of left field that you didn’t consider and then you’re not ready for it.

This morning in Browns Boot Camp, coach called on Angel to lead some of the exercises and I thought, what if coach had called on me to lead the exercises?   Am I ready to do that?   And if I’m really going to take things to the next level, how am I going to prepare, not just for the things I can reasonable expect but also the things I’m not expecting or surprises?

Honestly, I think next level would be if coach called out anyone in the cirle randomly to lead the Jumping-Jacks and they would be ready to do it.   That would be awesome and motivating – taking accountability to a new level.   Talk about readiness!

Imagine showing up to your workout and being ready to lead.   Imagine showing up to work and being ready to conduct the meeting or take the initiative.   Imagine what you might be able to anticipate and being ready to act on it.. right on the edge of your seat: readiness.

It goes beyond knowing the formula and knowing what’s coming next.   It’s a level of readiness that is active-readiness: searching for the thing that is the silent trigger that everyone else missed – following instructions and then helping others follow instructions, seeing an opportunity and fleshing out the ways you could act on it before anyone else sees the opportunity in the first place, having an idea of how to move forward, deal with the past, stay in the present.   When there is no formula for behavior and no flow-chart, being ready anyway because you are in a ready-mind state.

That state-of-mind is an active spotlight, jerking this way and that searching, looking for the hidden opportunity to act, to move forward, to grow.

Be ready.  Be active.  BE READY in whatever it is.. be ready.


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