The pain is the path

When you put yourself in uncomfortable and usually new situations, you have suddenly gained access to a whole chain of possibility that was closed to you previously.   The veins of binary decisions made from that single turn fan out like branches, then leaves then tiny veins – all destinations that were completely closed to you when you refused to even consider making the tough choice or the choice that would inevitably make you look dumb, vulnerable, weak and stupid.

When you put yourself in that position where you don’t have enough strength to push out one more repetition, or you don’t have a chance in hell of getting the job or the hottie you have your eye on – when you get in these areas of your life where your brain is screaming, “You have no business here!” or “Who the hell do you think you are?” it gets really fucking scarey really fucking quick.   You choke.. and then you choke some more. It’s a waking nightmare really, to be in that position where you’re less than nobody. Instead, you’re annoying and you make everyone else uncomfortable.  It’s like watching someone implode on stage while performing or giving a speech and it’s obvious they’re so lost that it makes you want to cringe.

It hurts to be that vulnerable.

But you know what?   Turning your face into that uncomfortable sun will lead you places you never dreamed of when you begin to ask yourself, “Why not, me?”.   Putting yourself in the apex of all eyes will introduce you to others who don’t judge you on what you did, or even on how well you did it, but only on WHY you did it.   Believe me!  You will meet some of the most extraordinary people if you do extra-ordinary things.

Let this be of some solace to you that, when you feel uncomfortable, growth is in the offing.  When you feel scared, being strong is around the corner.  When you feel weak, strength will be yours if you do not quit.   And in all of these and more, your progress will be of the highest quality when, in the face of vulnerability, pain, discomfort – you lean into it.

The pain is the path.


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