The fruits of daily yoga.

Maybe when you read that title, you think, automatically, that I’m going to go on about how much more flexible I am or toned?  Both?   But it’s not true.   Maybe.  Maybe.. maybe I’m a little more flexible.. maybe.

But what’s really standing out to me is this.

About three weeks ago, I decided to start doing yoga every single day. Recently, I even began posting it online so others could see, but I already had a few-weeks head-start. My goal was to loosen my hips and lower back….aaaand hamstrings.   That’s what I focused on exclusively for the first week, but then I began to just look for any thirty-minute videos of yoga, exploring what was available online.

There were some videos where I wasn’t into the instructor or the video and, a few times, I even stopped the video to find another that I liked better.   I quickly came back to the original video and decided I needed to finish that one.  That I needed to accept what it was offering and just stick with it.   Funny thing was, I usually ended up having a good time with those videos I didn’t even like, initially.

That was interesting to me, so I began to practice leaving my judgements aside and staying with the practice.

So the fruits.. the unexpected fruits of my daily yoga?


Accepting that not all videos are going to scream ‘awesome’ at me.   Accepting that when I go into a pose, and when the instructor tells me I should feel it in my glutes or hamstrings, that maybe I’m not there yet.   Maybe I have to feel it in my hips for now because that’s a pre-level and that’s the best I can hope for.

Sometimes we have to accept things where we are and not where we want to be.   Sometimes we’re just not ready for what we’re being asked to do, and we have to accept the place where we are ready.   The key is to accept it and keep a positive mental attitude – stay positive because you are doing what you can, you accept that you are where you are, but you continue to do the work so that someday, you will be where you want to be.

That makes me feel grateful and yes, even accomplished – stiff hips and all.



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