The Real Danger of Motivation (Pt 3.)

What are the thoughts you are having that are holding you back?

We thought it was motivation that was holding us back.  It isn’t.   The thing that is holding us back are the thoughts we practice about ourselves and our own low-estimations about our ability to have the life we want.

When we say we don’t have the motivation to do something, I invite you to consider that maybe we are actually saying that we do not find our own cause compelling enough.  In short, we have decided at a fundamental level that we are not good enough, that we are not worth it, that everyone knows we’re a fake and nothing is ever going to change that!

Bullshit.   But I’ll get into that later..

For now, you need to understand the Real Danger of Motivation – this is so important. When we hold these negative thoughts about ourselves, and we are full of self-weilding and self-inflicting negativity, we are ripe for finding that one thing that will carry us through, that motivational lattice and structure that will bring us to the dream!   When we are so obviously floundering, we are easily led to believe that we are failures, and when we beleive we that, it becomes much easier to believe someone who agrees with us and offers us another way.

Relying on motivation can sometimes turn our brains off when we need them most. Instead of seeing bullshit for what it is, we buy into this idea that we are ‘supposed to be uncomfortable’ and that we are to have a kind of ‘reckless abandon’ when we jump into a thing or practice – whole-hog!   It is a virtue to say “YES” without waiting for the question, to agree when our own internal warning systems are telling us to get the hell out, and to give total trust that is simply asked for but not earned.

When we believe that we are missing something or failing somehow to ‘pull the trigger’, focused soley on our short-comings and failures, and we buy into this motivational philosphy that says we are ‘meant to be uncomfortable in order to grow’.. really uncomforatble.. we might fail to discern the difference between being uncomfortable and being manipulated.

And that’s a pretty dangerous place to be.



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