“The Suck”

Inspired by one of my runners.   TY N_

Running sucks.   It’s hard, you have to get up early (here in Tucson), which means you have to get to bed at a reasonable time.   This puts you in a foul mood.   Then.  You start to run and, yep.. it sucks.

So two quick things.

One.  In order to have a good run, sometimes you have to have a bunch of bad runs.  Being committed means doing the runs regardless to whether they will be good or bad – and you won’t really know until you do it.   You do the run because you promised and, even if it’s a bad run, you did it and you kept the promise you made to yourself.   If that doesn’t make you feel good – I don’t know what will!

Secondly, embrace the suck!   The suck is there to make sure you know the value of good health, fitness, strength, improvement.   It isn’t free – Boy HOWDY is it anything but free. You have to work for it, it hurts, it sucks and it might NEVER feel good, but you still made progress toward fitness despite every.. single.. thought.. in.. your.. head.. telling you to “STOP! this madness!”.

The overall lesson here is that sometimes the things you want won’t come to you – you have to go out and get them, beat down the obstacles that stand between you and your goals, overcome the doubts and excuses.  You walk when you can’t run, you crawl when you can’t walk.. you keep.. pushing..forward, and you get it done.

“The Suck” is strongest when you need it most!


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