Bring it!

When I come to our workouts, I want to bring a level of energy and pop!   I want to burst and crackle and roar.   To shock and jolt and shake everyone around me because I’m alive and I’m here to work my ass off!

The alternative would be to show up and wait for something or someone to enliven me. That’s no good – that cannot happen.  I have to be better than that.  Every coach and every leader knows that you have to grab the loose power line with both hands and hang on – trust yourself and let fly the black flag – there will be no prisoners.

Imagine showing up and having to be dragged along, limp and lifeless, yawning and rubbing the sleep out of your eyes.   It’s so easy to think that everyone owes you their gratitude because, ‘at least you showed up at all’.. as if, just by showing up, you’ve already conquered the beast.   You have conquered that beast, and sincere kudos to you – that beast is no joke – but now is not the time to rest.   You woke up!  Now don’t be so quick to capitulate that life would act on you, instead of the other way ’round.

Roar, shake, crackle and burst.   Outdo your coach.  Bare your teeth and growl in real life as you lean into it.  Chuckle and laugh in the severity of your zeal as you show up and BRING IT!



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