Seize and Release

Seize the moment.  Seize the opportunity.  With unwavering focus and determination and quiet, slow, consistency, wear down the resistance.   Wear down the obstacles that stand in your path.  Even when that obstacle is yourself, chip away at it.   One small bite at a time, consume and process.  Find a way; over, under, around.. through.. go directly through it.

You will be battered, you will be criticized, you will be laughed at, you will be snared by the emotional weakness and insecurities of others, you will be told of your duties, your responsibilities, your failure to be considerate or kind to others.  They won’t all be wrong either, but for all that, you must continue to move forward.   Deal with it.

Release your judgements.  Release your fear.  Do not hold on to them but let them go and let them be.  Loosen the tight-fisted grab at control.  Stop demanding the outcome, but keep working for it anyway.  Let go of expectations and practice the humility and tenacity of dealing with whatever happens, acknowledging and crushing whatever resistence manifests itself in your journey.  Recognize your excellent excuses as mere excuses and quit holding on to the things that are holding you back.

Jump free into the void.



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