Making stupid deals

You’re only fooling yourself

Who actually thinks that for every salad they eat, they can regain balance by eating a couple of donuts? For every glass of water, another beer?

But people do this ALL the time.

We’re really likely to rationalize our poor choices when we couple them with something good we did. Yay! ‘I didn’t scoop scoop the cat litter, but hey! I washed the dishes!’ It can be a lot worse than this. We could decide we don’t need to interview for a job we want because we put in a bunch of applications for other jobs already. Maybe we let ourselves off the hook for not meeting with someone who could help us for completely unrelated reasons – we give to charity or we were really nice to a stranger the other day.

We actually rationalize poor decisions that could impact the rest of our lives and the lives of those around us because we make these stupid little deals.

And because we’re afraid. Because we don’t think we can. Because we’re not good enough

Much better to sweep it under the rug and pretend we’re good people.

Misdirection is awesome.


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