Hip mobility and flexibility.. HELP!

Avoiding the short-cuts, Eliminating the long-cuts!

It’s my mobility in the lower back and the hips – I don’t have any.   Bent over and I can’t quite reach my toes.   Go into a squat and my ass still hangs over a foot in the air with a rounded back.   It’s ugly.   And let’s not talk about pigeon pose.. well.. let’s, actually – I can do the leg part just fine but bent over and holding myself up with my hands out in front of me.  Forget about taking my hands off the ground and sitting tall, straight up and down.  Oy!

Even childs pose sees me with my butt up in the air – I just don’t have the flexibility in the hips and lower back to ease down and into it.   Not yet anyway.

So, I’m asking for help.

Not shortcuts – I can do this for the long-haul and be consistent (you have my word!), but I also don’t want to waste time on long-cuts either.   Give me your best advice please – how am I going to get the flexibility and mobility that I want?   How many days?  How much time each day?  How much time each pose?  What has worked for you and how do you think that will work for me?

Thanks so much,