When I don’t have time

I want to do amazing things, when I don’t have time.  Planning.  Tomorrow.  Later. Future-tense.  I will get this cleaned up, weed-whack the yard, wake up early and run. I’ll finish making the brochures, design a booklet, work on a project, search for caterers.  

Starting next week, I’m off carbs!  Going to sit down and write up a schedule for home-gym workouts.   It’s going to be life-changing. It will be amazing. 

Someday, I’ll call the library and see about reading to little kids. That would be fun. I’ll raise money to fight cancer. 

But right now, I’m at work and I don’t have time.   Worse, I won’t feel like doing anything when I do have time.  I’ll buffer with alcohol, entertainment, food.. anything to while away the hours so I can go to sleep too late, dehydrated.  

Still dreaming about what I will do, tomorrow. 


Tomorrow, I run.

On the advice of my friends, I’m going to run free and happy.  Carefully, but fully.. with life and love and joy.

You may already know about the little contest I have going.   Like my facebook run and earn a point, comment and earn five, but did you notice – you get two points for every dollar you donate to your favorite cause or charity.   

Help me turn this enormous personal event into something even bigger and meaningful for even more people and please consider donating to your favorite cause or charity.   Donate one dollar or twenty-six dollars and twenty cents.  Donate your time or write an encouraging long overdue letter.  Call someone.   Hug someone.

Tomorrow I run but perhaps all of us, in our own ways, can do something wonderful, together.


My personal charity, with loving thoughts for my cousin, is Standup2Cancer (http://www.standup2cancer.org/)

My father-in-law donates his time to both Habitat for Humanity (http://www.habitat.org/) as well as doing whatever needs to be done for the animals at Best Friends (http://bestfriends.org/)

A good friend of mine is requesting help to raise funds for law school and we would both be thrilled if you considered helping him out. (https://www.giveforward.com/fundraiser/mx83/zachary-schaefer-law-school-fund/updates/52116)

What are some other charities you have helped out with in the past?   What charities will you help out with in the future?

Thanks so much and see you in the freezing quiet morning of my first ever Tucson Marathon!