Wake up

“..and someday wake up crying tears of giddy disbelief that you get to be you.”

~”You are a Badass”, Jen Sincero

If you’re like me, you might have had the first-thought, ‘Why would I be excited to get to be myself!’.   I mean, I have a lot of problems and a lot of things that I need to work on. In the interest of not letting this blog get away from me in an endless list of my grievances, against myself, let’s just assume that there’s a substantial list of things that drag me down and don’t add to my self-confidence.   We all have that list and some of us are better at managing it than others, but it’s still there.

But when we wake up with this viewpoint that we get to be ourselves as though it’s some rare opportunity or that this version of ourselves we are talking about is someone we really admire, love and adore, it stirs something in our souls.   It’s hope and excitement and energy and possibility and confidence and all of these good things!   It’s also a huge burden off our backs because somehow, in that little phrase, we lose the drowning version of ourselves.  We aren’t mired down in a fetid despondancy anymore, trudging out smile after smile, facade after facade.

It’s like my coach said – we take the mask off so that we are truly ourselves – that you get to be YOU! Not some madeup version of yourself.  Not the version of yourself when you’re at work, which is different than the version of yourself when you’re with your spouse, or family.   Not the version of yourself that stands in the elevator with strangers and wears the elevator mask of polite silence, or the version of yourself when you’re working out.

You wake up and realize that the different roles you perform and the different hats you wear don’t have to change your tone of voice, your intensity, your kind-heartedness or your generosity and gratitude.   You are free to be the unfiltered you, unadulterated and unpastuerized.

Present.  Awake.  Unmasked and vulnerable.  That’s some next-level giddy disbeleif right there.